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Managing ADHD involves a commitment to a care plan prescribed by a treatment specialist.
For many adults, diagnosing ADHD is the crucial first step.
Roey Pasternak, MD     > Board-certified psychiatrist skilled in managing adult ADHD

Roey Pasternak, MD

> Board-certified psychiatrist skilled in managing adult ADHD

Dr. Roey Pasternak

While each situation is unique, Dr. Pasternak’s continued work in the field has given him perspective on how ADHD medications affect patients and which course of treatment to use. 

"My mission is to provide the highest level of care for my patients -- informed by the best evidence available, combined with my own clinical experience."


Patients might describe their symptoms as:

  • being easily distracted,
  • unable to focus, or
  • having difficulty performing at work while peers seemingly focus for hours.

The benefits of getting treated include:

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