Dr. Pasternak doesn't participate with any insurance networks but he will provide every client with a paid invoice with the proper diagnostic and CPT code that they can then submit to their insurance for out of network coverage. 

Most insurance plans with out-of-network benefits will reimburse enrollees at least 50% of the cost of the psychiatry visit. We are familiar with the process of getting patients reimbursed, and will provide all the necessary information. Our patients have found the process to be simple and straight-forward. 

Payments for the visits can be made by cash, check or credit card and are due at the time of visit. 


Initial Consultation:            1.5 Hours ——— $500
Follow-Up Visit:                45 Minutes ——— $300
Medication Follow-Up:   30 Minutes ——— $250
Please contact our office for details about rates and insurance reimbursements.